What We Do

Phoenix Place has been aptly named the “Starting Over” house for women and their children who have been affected by domestic abuse.

Our commitment is to counsel, empower and educate our clients as well as provide them with a safe, caring environment in which to start their healing process – to help them put their lives back together. Not only do we work with in-house clients, we also provide outreach services to many women in the community who are struggling with issues of domestic abuse. We are proud of our recent statistic that indicates 97% of women maintain an abuse free life after leaving Phoenix Place.

In 1994, we opened the doors of Phoenix Place to women to help them break the cycle of abuse and violence in their lives. We may be small but as one visitor to our facility said, “we change the lives of every woman who comes through our doors”.


Residential Program

Phoenix Place offers shelter with five self-contained apartments where women and children stay for up to one year. We work with the residents in our house to have a safe, affordable and caring environment so they can begin to heal and put their lives back in place.


Phoenix Place offers a supportive counselling program that helps women connect to the supports they need in rebuilding their lives. Residents make use of the “open door” policy to help deal with troubling issues as they occur.

Transitional & Housing Support Program

This program offers flexible services to women as they establish abuse free lives.

Our worker helps abused women rebuild their lives by assisting them to establish a network of supports and to find and maintain housing.

Starting Over Program

This is a curriculum-based 12-week program that works with women as they set goals for their new life and provides resources to assist them in reaching their goals.

** All programs but for the Residential Program are open to both our residents and women from the community who are dealing with issues of abuse.